Jared Blake Releases "Don't Let Her Be Gone"

Jan 29 | Posted by: Team Buddy

Powerful country singer and former NBC's "The Voice" finalist, Jared Blake, has released a compelling new single, "Don't Let Her Be Gone." Written by friends Ray Stephenson, Buddy Owens and John Osborne, and produced by Eric Landes and Stephenson, in this new single Blake finds a crossroads of his music and outreach by telling the story of his wife's near-death experience, caused by drunk driving.

The emotional lyrics cautiously drenched in regret, (I didn't mean the words I said. I should've held her close instead. Been the man that I ain't been yet. Give me one more chance and I'll do the rest,) are very tender to the father of six. Blake explains, "My music has always been real, but this one is a little different. It's completely raw. My wife and I were lucky enough to have that second chance and we intend to make the most of every minute and give back to those that may be struggling with finding their hope."

Not only does Blake hold the hope that the message in "Don't Let Her Be Gone" reach the masses and cause them to make better decisions before getting behind the wheel drunk, the impassioned country singer has found another purposeā€”telling his story of addiction and redemption to schools around the country through his platform "Live To Be."

Founded in 2015 by Blake and his wife Jennifer, "Live to Be" empowers today's youth to "fill in the blank" with their own goal for life. The program provides discussions to help teens dig deep within their own desires to gain a positive focus on life, while fighting doubt, confusion, hopelessness, and peer pressure. Blake has spent the past year partnering with multiple schools across the country sharing a "living above" approach to life with youth.

In both his music and his outreach, Blake has a rawness and openness that is powerful enough to make a difference. For the month of November, Blake has eight speaking engagements in high schools surrounding Las Vegas, mixed in with performances in Las Vegas, Florida and South Carolina.

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